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Zemana AntiLogger - new version available
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Zemana AntiLogger

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I am using ver. and when I try to update it says I have the latest version. I'll have to look into it. Thank you for the heads-up pivoman


NOTE: This version isn't shared via automatic updates yet. It is scheduled for the next week but you can get it manually from here

Monday, November 28, 2011 9:45 AM
  • New and improved notifications for the Anti-SSL module
  • New and improved System Call Monitor
  • Enhanced self-protection
  • Minor bug fixes in the installer
  • Fixed various crashes related to the anti-keylogger engine

: Updating to this version requires a restart
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Thanks for reporting...
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Thanks pivoman!
I did not know about the release of new version Zemana AntiLogger and just before the moment, I successfully it updated.
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Thanks pivoman. updated my copy.
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Thanks for the info.
The most annoying thing about Zemana is the uninstalling of the old version before the update.Surely they could just update the programme without the need for several uninstalls per year?
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They have updated their servers so now you can update directly from within your already installed Zemana Antilogger without the need to uninstall or perform a restart.

Click on Services->Updates->Check for Updates button.

It will automatically download the latest version and install it without the need to uninstall the previous version first, or the need to restart your system.
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That's good to know.
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