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Emsisoft Anti-Malware
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I'm using it, thanks to yours Give Away section on this forum. I think it is the future of anti-malware products and surely the best ins his class.
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Emsisoft Anti-Malware

Emsisoft Anti-Malware for best protection - Free removal of Viruses, Bots, Spyware, Keyloggers, Trojans and Rootkits

· Detection of signed files partially fails – fixed.
· Submitted malware is not being detected correctly – fixed.
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What's new in Emsisoft Anti-Malware 6?

Quote: Completely re-written dual scan engine framework for multi-core optimizations.
450% speed improvement on average – with the same things being scanned.
Advanced caching for self optimizing scans – it gets faster with every scan.
New direct disk access scan mode for better rootkit detection (TDL-3, ZeroAccess, TDL-4, Sinowal).
Changed scan presets - added Rootkit scan, excluded Cookie scan.
Improved false positive handling.
Desired actions to be taken on scan completion can be set before the scan now, too.
The postfixes of infections were changed to !E1 and !E2.
New animation during active scans.
User interface simplifications for better usability.
Added loading scan engine animation in security setup wizard.
Missed scheduled scans can optionally be run on next program startup.

Realtime protection:

Quote:Significantly reduced performance impact of the file guard with smart caching.
Optimizations to strongly speed up the boot process.
Reduced false positives in real world use due to internal rating system.
File guard file extensions list can now be reset to defaults.
Internal and custom host blocker rules can be viewed more conveniently now.
Re-organized the guard tray icon menu to provide quick access to common features.


Quote: User accounts are no longer required. Switched to a simple key-based system.
Simplifications in license dialogs.
New referral rewards program to obtain a full version license for free by referring new users.
Get 1 month for free by referring another 1 month trial user.
Get 6 months for free by referring a buying customer.
New long term customer bonus program – renewals get 5% cheaper every year.
Improved notification when license is about to expire soon.
Each license is limited to use on one computer now.

Quote: Settings can now be exported and imported by category.
Added security prompts to confirm final deletion of files, rules or logs.
Added newsletter subscription link in news area.
Improved update system for greater stability of online updates.
No more use of the registry to store settings – using ini files now.
Code cleanup and improvements to avoid potential crashes and hangs.
Simplified the setup process significantly.
Removed the trojan horse animation.

Download from:
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Emsisoft Anti-Malware released:

Quote: Self protection bug – fixed.
Context menu scan fails with already open scanner window – fixed.
Formatting bug of ADS names in file guard alerts – fixed.
Problem with mixing Domain and Local users in permissions settings – fixed.
Occasional crash on moving detected objects to quarantine – fixed.
Rootkit detection information message box modified.
Minor internal improvements.
Crash on reading skin.ini – fixed.
Engine and quarantine initialize bug – fixed.
ScanBuffer bug – fixed.
Preparations for upcoming features.
Added memory limitations for the file i/o threads to avoid memory starvation on systems with very fast disk setups like SSDs or RAIDs.

via: Twitter
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Thnx for the update still have a spare emsisoft key.
If the Start Windows Restart when Windows starts check box is checked Windows Restart will start automatically every time Windows is started

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Emsisoft Anti-Malware released:

Quote:Added a new autorun location for behavior monitoring.
E2: Improved exploit detection for MS Word files.
E2: Improved scan of PDF files (multiple possible exploit infections are handled)
E2: Minor internal changes.
Minor GUI modifications for better support of the large fonts.
Support for offline installations added. License verification and update can be skipped now.
Improved memory management.
Changed default view settings on host rules list.
Improved renewal notifications when license is about to end soon.
Online update crash in the commandline scanner – fixed.
Problem when saving application rules and whitelist items – fixed.
Display bug on the number of used signatures – fixed.
Bug in refreshing the license details during online update – fixed.
Bug: Old license dialog appears after last beta update – fixed.
Bug when deleting application rules – fixed.
Minor changes in order processing.
Updated copyright year in footer.
Program restart notification loop when updating Explorer context menu modules – fixed.
Improved dynamic disk support in routine used for converting file paths from device to human readable format.
Localization bug in submit notification popups – fixed.
Improved date-time conversion routine for correct handling of different date formats.
Improved data validation during scans to avoid potential crashes.
Problems when trying to scan non-supported paths via Explorer context menu – fixed.
Minor problem when refreshing license details – fixed.
Localization bug in email scanning plugins – fixed.
Incorrect label in logs for automatically quarantined items – fixed.
Minor improvements in skinning feature.
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