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sandboxie 3.52 released
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Sandboxie 3.54 Final

Sandboxie - Download Sandboxie

Quote:These are the changes to Sandboxie since version 3.52.

Notable enhancements:

Closing a sandboxed Internet Explorer 8/9 will not interfere with session recovery, and will not cause Internet Explorer to offer session recovery the next time it is started.
Programs blocked due to Start/Run Access Restrictions will not display an error message.
Sandboxie Control will not display "unknown executable image" in the list of running programs.
Improved support for programs in the sandbox detecting the arrival and removal of drives.
Permit read-only access by programs in the sandbox to software-managed network shares, such as virtual machine host shares.
Resource Access settings, which can apply settings for a specific program or group of programs, can now be used to apply settings for all programs except a specific program or group of programs.
BlockPort setting can block a range of ports.

Improved compatibility with:

Service Pack 1 for 64-bit Windows 7.
Update KB2393802 for Windows XP.
Software Restriction Policies (SRP) on Windows 7.
Applications: Windows Live Message 2011, Internet Explorer 9.
Utilities: Bookmark Buddy, Two Pilots Speed-Type, Proxifier, Sticky Password.
Security Software: CA Internet Security Suite 2010, F-Secure Internet Security 2011, McAfee Guardian Firewall, McAfee Total Protection, Panda Cloud AntiVirus, PC Tools ThreatFire.
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Thanks Ash, need to update. This is 3rd update for 2011....

I have noticed that Sandboxie woudl have (almost) all even updates, such as 3.5, 3.52, 3.54......:boom:
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Sandboxie 3.58 has been released

Here is the change log:

Quote: Usability

Several common dialog windows in Sandboxie Control windows can be minimized: Sandbox Settings, Delete Contents, Quick Recovery, Immediate Recovery, Messages from Sandboxie.
Reduced flickering in the main Sandboxie Control view.
Restored support for the Finnish and French languages.

Changes in Quick and Immediate Recovery:
Multiple files can be selected for recovery in a Quick Recovery window.
New button to select all files in Quick or Immediate Recovery.
New "Yes to All" button can replace multiple files when recovering.
Immediate Recovery can open the folder for the recovered file, or run the file directly.
Recovery Log (in Sandboxie Control View menu) displays a log of recently recovered files.

The Messages from Sandboxie window can optionally adjust some settings:
Turn off Drop Rights when message SBIE2219 appears.
Permit programs to start (for message SBIE1308) or access the Internet (for message SBIE1307).
Adjust File Migration limit when message SBIE2102 appears.

Changes in the border feature:
The border around sandboxed windows can be set to appear only when the cursor is in the title area of the window.
This border mode, with the border color set to yellow, is now the default setting for new sandboxes.
The border rectangle is adjusted to wrap around the Windows Aero thick window frame.
The border is temporarily hidden when any part of it would be obscured by another window.


Firefox places.sqlite file is excluded from file migration limits.
Windows Explorer thumbcache_*.db files are excluded from file migration limits.
When running under Sandboxie, Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 correctly displays embedded preview.
When running under Sandboxie, Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint will not create superfluous buttons on the taskbar.
Improved compatibility with security software: avast! pro 6 SafeZone browser, BitDefender Anti-Phishing toolbar, and iolo System Mechanic.
Improved compatibility with web proxy software: Easy Hide IP, HMA! Pro VPN, VPNTunnel Anonymous Internet.
Improved compatibility with third-party utilities: Eraser 6, Google Japanese IME tool, RoboForm sync, Sothink Web Video Downloader Stand-alone.
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Thanks for the heads up Ashwin Smile
I am the way I am :devilish:
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Sandboxie 3.62
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They are obviously battling firefox for most updates in a calendar year!
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djwatford Wrote:They are obviously battling firefox for most updates in a calendar year!

LOL :p True, but most of SB's updates are beta versions.

It's like 5-10 beta versions and then a stable one.
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Sandboxie Beta 4.01 is available at Major Geeks.

You can read about version 4 at their forum.

I tested it for a while, it was consuming too much RAM. So I downgraded back to 3.74 Confusedmash:
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