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ADGUARD Premium Giveaway
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.png   adgaurd-full-version.png (Size: 93.07 KB / Downloads: 4)
Thanks given by: Avinash , Geo , Mike
Very good ad blocker tool.
Please consider me in this Giveaway!
Thanks given by:
Haven't visited this Forum for quite long time and happy to see this Great Giveaway.
I like to join this giveaway and please count me in!
Thanks given by:
Thank you for sharing!
Thanks given by:
(19-09-15, 10:55 AM)WormTechs Wrote: Thank you for sharing!

Did you want included in the drawing Wormtechs?
 The drawing is right now.

Well we had 2 entries (possibly 3, I am not sure if Wormtechs wanted in on the Giveaway or not.

Here are the results (not hard to guess lol)

List Randomizer

There were 2 items in your list. Here they are in random order:


Please Check your PM's for your License and download instructions.

Thanks given by:
Thank you Jeremy for holding the Giveaway Smile
Do not PM me for help. Just open a thread at the forum or use the search function.
(Copied from Evil Mod Smile )
Thanks given by: Jeremy , Mike
Your welcome Avi, and I hope the winners enjoy ADGUARD! Remember the license is good for 1 PC AND 1 Android phone
Thanks given by: Mike

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