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What should I write about? Suggestions about Posts
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FOSS are also good
and registry tricks are one of my fav
Please do not forget Gaming
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akiratoriyama Wrote:Ethical Hacking is a good topic

I believe Google AdSense TOS doesn't allow topics on ethical hacking or hacking.
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Any tips and tricks for Windows. Keyboard shortcuts, troubleshooting different problems, any news on Windows 8 as it progresses. Users who have issues with Windows will often Google for a solution, and it would be nice to bring traffic here if they come to us for the solution. Maybe once or twice a week write about specific issues and their solutions in Windows such as diagnosing internet connection issues, windows errors etc. And you have a great team of Avinashtech members who can help with this if you have questions. Also, Windows 8 rumors and news is a hot topic, and in my opinion, should be discussed and would bring traffic. And of course continue the great giveaways and reviews on software as you have done in the past.
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Thanks Jeremy and everyone else for the suggestions. I will try to follow them as much as I can.
Do not PM me for help. Just open a thread at the forum or use the search function.
(Copied from Evil Mod Smile )
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We can write daily giveaway and contest news for members and we can also host our own giveaways and contests for members Smile
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