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Which software's Should come as Freebie in Giveaways
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I actually removed every security software on his PC, (firewall and AVG, McAfee site advisor, Superantispyware free)
Installed the Kaspersky trial.Computer became very slow.
Performed update and worked for a while, then restarted the computer,it did not boot up.
Restored the PC, installed my Norton AV on his PC, running smoothly ever since.
Have to admit, i hate Norton's Sonar policy but otherwise never came across a problem with Norton.

PS: I gave my 70+ day Norton AV key to my friend since i have recently upgraded to NIS 2010
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Well, I still believe its related somewhere to something on the system instead of Kaspersky.

May be some conflict between some left overs of previous antivirus , firewall etc as most of us know its very difficult to uninstall antivirus like Norton completely. Even though You have used AVG here, something must have conflicted.
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I use antivirus removal tools to completely remove any remnants.

You can find some at

And i also go to hidden folders in Documents and settings and delete the folders after uninstallation,
clean the registry with CCleaner and Glary Utilities. Also checked the registry, no problems.

No idea why Kaspersky was incompatible with his PC, since it got installed and worked for a while.
Wonder what happened? Anyway his PC is fine now,and that is good for me.
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I think Internet Download Manager or IDM would be a great & popular giveaway.

I think contact is
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Hi Avi,

This is indeed a nice concept that u r presenting to Blog CommunitySmile

I would suggest to try getting Avast Pro, as I have never ever seen it before being given away.

If we are lucky to get it, It's going to be a big hit amongst other blogs, etc...

I have the contact from them as :


I have been using Avast & would suggest it to one & all..Big Grin

Regards, Grr
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darma Wrote:I think Internet Download Manager or IDM would be a great & popular giveaway.

I have talked to them and right now they have no licenses to giveaway.

Grr Wrote:I would suggest to try getting Avast Pro, as I have never ever seen it before being given away.

Thats a new option for me. I never thought about it as its already free for personal use. I will try to see if i can get it. Smile
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No demands from just some suggestions.It's that most are asking for security,AVira premium is definitely good choice.But security addons like Hitman Pro 3.5,USB disk security/navieus usb antivirus,Sandboxie,Returnil,WinHex,etc.
Others type of S\W's can be encryption for hard-drive and pen-drives[will let you know later]
Finally,Backup S\w's like HandyBackup,Marcerium,Acronis,Mozy,etc.
Like I said b4 these are only suggestions Avinash,so problems,if you want find anything interesting I will point out their e-mail support which are quite easy to find.
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zone alarm pro, the best firewall.
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Maybe a Defensewall v3.00, Sandboxie, or IDM..

Nice thread!
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