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Ashampoo Burning Studio 11 - ONE License Giveaway
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It's been past 7 days, are you going to be announcing a winner soon? Been crossing my fingers to win this! Good luck to all who entered and thank you again Alpha for the awesome giveaway!
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Sorry for the delay, i will announce the winner today only.
[Image: jpbne1.png]
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No worries, thank you for the update Alpha, and again thank you for the awesome Giveaway!
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.jpg   winner.jpg (Size: 38.16 KB / Downloads: 38)

Congrats to the winner. Please PM me (or reply in this thread) within 7 days to grab your license else i'll choose a new winner.
[Image: jpbne1.png]
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Congo remsen. It is a very good software.
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Congrats to the winner!
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Fantastic giveaway. Count me in.
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Thanks to the winner.Great Giveaway.
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Congratulations on your win remsen.
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