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FREE 25GB offer at
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just hop it to be lifetime.
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Good amount of space given but unsure of its validity in term of days.
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I just saw a blog post about this HERE and I must say I'm intrigued.

One feature might be quite useful:

Quote:Minus also has a Firefox and Google Chrome extension that allows users to take screenshots of your browser and auto-upload it into your account.

I've been trying out a number of cloud services to find one that I not only like, just is easy to use.

Most importantly, one that makes it easy for friends, especially the barely computer literate ones who have to be told how to use Windows Explorer or zip up files -- to send me files and photos (I edit a newsletter and a website.)

I'll have to check it out and see.

From looking at the service's Terms page, it seems it aims to be a simplified file sharing service and I'm unsure if your uploads can be made (private / not publicly explorable.)


This is from the Help page:

Quote:Why is Minus absolutely free?

Our goal is to create a world-class product and experience for our users and the business model will follow. We can see many ways Minus can monetize itself.

How long do you keep the files?

We keep all files indefinitely unless deleted by the uploader or if it violates our terms of service.

Why sign up for Minus?

Joining Minus is Free! By creating an account and signing in:

* Create and share your galleries ( example )
* Follow friends to see what they are sharing
* Manage and organize your galleries in Dashboard
* Explore and discover galleries from other users
* Get 10 GB of free disk space
* Upload individual files up to 2 GB
* Unlimited Downloads and Transfer

[COLOR="#000000"]UPDATE: by default, all files you upload are Published (public). In Settings, you can unchedk "Make my uploads public by default."

Did that and then uploaded a file. Went to { Dashboard | Uploads | and found it was marked Public ==> right click, choose Unpublish

Don't know if I need to log out to make the setting change.

Also didn't see a way to make folders. They use a Gallery concept but do not categories you can check and uncheck:
  • Pictures
  • Music
  • Videos
  • Documents
  • Other

NOTE: this promo requires a free AppSumo account to get the promo link at Checked and I got 25 GB instead of 10.[/COLOR]
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@Jelson - thanks for ur inputs..

yep, this is an appsumo spam (read promo)
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