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Which internetsecurity suite is better
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norton internet security is the best internet security software.
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I have to agree.
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Gdata total care - Never tried but heard its a Resource hogger as it uses two engines of BitDefender and Avast.

Kaspersky Internet Security - Fast boot up, doesn't slow down browsing speed considerably as other and needs high resources.

AVG Internet Security - Never tried, but tried there Antivirus, it was of kind ok didn't tried detection, Interface is sluggish but doesn't matter.

BitDefender Internet security - huge installer,small initial update,slow boot up,slow browsing speed,better Interface,High on resources and Excellent detection.

Just my two cents :pray2:
I am the way I am :devilish:
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Try yourselves and then Decide Bala.
But if you still want us to mention ,then go with Kaspersky.Kaspersky only use resources when it scans...(not in realtime).Me currently using Kaspersky.
G-data uses High system resources.
AVG improved a lot from their past versions specially in detection rate.You can try it.
Bitdefender is very good but the manufacturing company should still have to work on the resource usage by their product and specially net slowdowns.
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I would suggest you not to torture ur 1Gb (RAM) system with W7
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[lang=fr]pour les avoir tous testé, kaspersky sans hésitation !!!!!!![/lang]
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Gdata total care -- never tried it before sorryWink
Kaspersky internetsecurity -- for me the best. One thing I don't like is malware removal. Seems Kaspersky is getting poor in this one. Firewall/AV/Sandbox is superb!

avg internetsecrity -- AV only I used for a year. Can't say I can recommend it...

Bitdefender internetsecurity -- Don't use this one. Made my system VERY sluggish. Same system I used KIS 2009. (alternatively FSecure is quite okay, a set and leave suite much lighter than BitDefender they have a facebook promo for 6 mos still on-going.)

Personally I don't use suite's...the last suite I used was KIS/FSecure then removed FSecure firewall in favor of Comodo. I use a layered now. In one Win7 x32 2gb ram pc I have all freeware Smile AvastFree, Comodo Firewall with D+, PrevxSOL facebook edition and BufferZonePro Smile Light and effective.

A friend uses the full Comodo Internet Security Suite (freeware) with PrevxSOL facebook edition and Sandboxie free. Smile

So my verdict WHAM!!!!! KIS! Hands down! A couple of beers for KISSmile
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