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What type of cell phone do you have?
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I am the way I am :devilish:
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I have 2 phones

Nokia 2700 Classic which I bought last year

[Image: nokia_2700-classic_1_lowres.jpg]

I use it for Texting, Calls, Music, FM radio, taking pics( 2 mp cam), and reading ebooks (java apps) :biggrin1:

and a Sony Ericsson K530i which I bought in 2006

[Image: k530i.jpg]

I use it as a backup phone and a camera (2 mp)
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BlackBerry Tour 9630

[Image: 2q3pufo.jpg]
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Sony Ericsson J105

[Image: 11kyzwk.jpg]
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[Image: 24zdfdj.jpg]

[Image: erj4uq.jpg]
[Image: jpbne1.png]
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I use an old Sony Ericsson K800i. I love the 3mp camera. Tested and proven. Video is not so good. I like the K700i video more with the spotlight. Hanging on to this one as I can't replace it still :wave:

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[Image: SCHR355DAATRF_GI-XL_5.jpg][Image: SCHR355DAATRF_GI-L_3.jpg] Samsung R355C
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very nice mobile phones there...I am open to donations hereSmile
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jason7619 Wrote:very nice mobile phones there...I am open to donations hereSmile
I'm in for competition Jason... Blackberry please :pray2:
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HTC Desire (rooted) with custom ROM LeeDroid 2.4
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