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Avast Internet Security 2011 - 4 License Giveaway
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Thanks given by:
Thanx MIke. I will fwd one of my licenses too you and you can include it here too.:dance:
Thanks given by:
Thanks for the Giveaway Big Grin
As i already got one from the Giveaway, please do not count me in Smile
I am the way I am :devilish:
Thanks given by:
Please count me in for the giveaway sir.Hope i win one.
Thanks given by:
well i can upgrade my avast to this better version. Thanks for theis contest.
Thanks given by:
I would like to try and win one of those,thanks for this giveaway.
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Edited : This post here was stupid and unprofessional. My mistake , apologize to everybody. No offense , please , take care.

Of course this is a nice giveaway , please count me in. Good luck to everybody.
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You need to give something to get something. Nothing comes for free in this world unless you are damn lucky. Still that too wont last.

From next time, it would be better to stop complaining about rules and start following them.

You can start a giveaway when you are elligible and give to anyone, but till then please follow the rules.

Most of the giveaways reward those who help other members and dont just want just free licenses. So stop complaining and start contributing. There are loads of members having more than 500 posts here. So 15 is too small compared to that.

Also, I remember your comment about Norton giveaway.

Free Norton Internet Security 2011 License key Giveaway| Avinashtech

I am still to reply to that, but perhaps i wont until its absolute necessary.
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ugedej77 Wrote:[lang=pl]Hello. Of course I will take part in this giveaway , because I did not win Comodo Internet Security licence. But still : why are so not enough people in this giveaways? Principles are not good - Minimum of 10 posts required - this is a mistake because today is 15 january and is just a 4 post !!! So until 17 january there will be not 10 post , maybe 7 or 8. The same was in Comodo giveaway. Come on Admin and Mods - think about it and change it Immediately. Take care.[/lang]

I believe you have mistaken the minimum post requirement because if I had said 30 you would have been already disqualified from this giveaway. I have just posted this today so if we only get 7 or 8 people wanting the license like you say your odds of winning are much better than 100 people asking for one.
Thanks given by:
Good reply avi and mike. This guy is always complaining about something or the other. Disturbed me with his pm(s) regarding comodo Internet security giveaway. Creating too many issues here.
Try to maintain your composer and don't always complain.
[Image: jpbne1.png]
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