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ABC - Celebrations Feedback
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Thanks given by:
ABC- celebrations event is very successful and there were many members and freebies participated in the giveaway.
Hope to continue next year!
Many thanks to all Moderators, Organizers and Helpers for their effort and time in organizing and monitoring this event thus making it so successful. Congrants to You ALL !!!
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I liked it a lot. I feel yours was at the top of all the seasonal giveaways!! :dance:
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As i have already said it was truly grand in all sense. I was mighty pleased to be a part of it and i am sure all were. I am looking forward to the next years celebrations. Wish it will be more big more grand and more participations.

Thank you Smile
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For sure of course, more members and more participations by that time!
Thanks given by:
I thought it was awesome! The software was top notch, and the process was fair and well-run. Can't wait for ABC3! SmileSmile
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Just One Word [SIZE="6"]Awesome[/SIZE]

It was huge . . Review and Giveaway Coming every Day.
Enjoyed it alot Big Grin
Sad part was it Came to an End Sad
waiting for ABC3 :heh:
I am the way I am :devilish:
Thanks given by:
[lang=pl]thank you Avinash, you did an awsome job :first: waiting for next ABC Smile[/lang]
Thanks given by:
ABC was helpful in the following ways:

1. An opportunity for new members to join the forum
2. A good way to celebrate 2nd B'Day
3. Giveaway's ofcourse
4. good 2 c members coming forward and sharing their experience & thoughts on the software
5. Doubling the number of Active members from 124 (December-7, 2010) to 301, as of now.
6. Meeting old friends from other forums.
7. Last but not the least, Growth of avinashtech as an active community.Smile

Thanks given by:
I had a great time and enjoyed every minute of it. I would also like to thank everyone who participated and joined the forum. I am sure next year will be even better as we can get started earlier on the giveaways.
Thanks given by:

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