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DefenseWall v3.16 released.
1. Anti-TOCTTOU protection issues solved.
2. Windows 8 pre-beta compatible.
3. Project is re-written with safe string functions.
4. Initialization scripts are improved.

DefenseWall Personal Firewall

DefenseWall HIPS
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Thanks for info i will try it now
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stevan4 Wrote:They said that never going to produce it for 64-bit. (patch guard is limiting the best features of DefenseWall)
DefenseWall is much more a sandboxing program than a firewall

Actually, that's a prevalent misconception.

Recently the developer has suggested otherwise in this WildesSecurity's thread about why they yet have a 64-bit version of DefenseWall and whether there will be one.

Short version: Ilya hasn't found an uncompromising solution -- he won't put his name to something that will not fully surmount the obstacles posed by Windows' 64bit Kernel PatchGuard.

NOTE WELL: in post #42 in the thread suggests he's working on it.
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