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Full Version: Are you planning to upgrade to Windows 10?
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I also upgraded to Windows 10 and it is the only operating system on my laptop.
Been using Windows 10 as my primary OS since January on my old desktop, as well as my new laptop. Yesterday, I upgraded my other desktop to Windows 10. :peace:
It appears the Windows 10 adoption is much faster than any other previous Windows operating system.

I am still playing with it, for almost last 5-6 months. Still not sure if it will stay as Windows 7 did. Smile
I've already upgraded to Windows 10. But I don't understand Microsoft has Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 why it release Windows 10 so early?
Upgraded to windows 10 after giving out much thought. Faced few issues already but still sticking with it.
My primary issues are
1. Cannot stop windows update. MS hasn't provided any option to stop update and people with limited data can face some serious troubles.
2. Driver incompatibility is a huge issue. It somehow forces to use its own generic drivers rather than the ones given along with the motherboard cd/dvd. Though I found a workaround but still it is quite a burning issue.
May be Ashwin can tell better if Windows update can be stopped, as he has been covering Windows 10 quite extensively. I need to check too.

Regarding drivers issue, that is bound to happen with every new operating system with Windows 10 being no exception. Yet I will credit MS for making this a small issue as I am yet to encounter any big issue with any hardware driver that cant be fixed in some way on Win 10.
Well, you can defer updates temporarily with the Pro Edition, but even that is not enough, as installing a future update, requires all prior updates as well, since they are cumulative. Microsoft has a tool which allows users to skip updates, but so far it has failed to prevent buggy updates.

Wait for Windows 10 Update branches to go live in a few months, post the launch of Windows 10 Mobile. Each branch will have 2 rings.
One will get early updates, the other will allow users to postpone updates, again for a few days/weeks (or maybe months/years).
I have been holding out on Windows 10 for a while, but I think I may upgrade soon.
(14-09-15, 10:35 AM)Jeremy Wrote: [ -> ]I have been holding out on Windows 10 for a while, but I think I may upgrade soon.

I did upgraded to Windows 10 on my Laptop but had to revert back to Windows 7 due to some random stablity issue that started happening after one of the recent automatic updates. Can't let my work suffer due to that unstablity and hence switched back to Windows 7.

Now will wait for some time before switching back to Win 10.
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